Deck Dash

An island where multiverses meet! Dozens of different survivors on that island. You are one of them, those who wear the helmet. To survive, you need to play all your cards correctly. By the way, speaking of cards, we are literally talking about cards.

Create your deck, improve your cards by merging them, and defeat all your opponents. To be a survivor, don’t forget this; collect the best items you can find and upgrade them. Exciting duels await you with bearers of the helmet.

Download Deck Dash now and dash into a duel! Have fun for a long time with short battles. Shape your helmet bearer, create your war strategy, and choose your card wisely while building your deck and defeating your rivals. Download and dash into fun!


Key Features

– Epic Card Duels

– Competitive RPG Experience

– Flare Gun, Workbench, Crowbar, Rifle, or Pan! Dozens of weapons

– Unique helmet designs

– Melee, Firearm, and utility cards

– Play to win, not pay to win

– Collect and upgrade cards

– Different strategy in each turn

– Tons of card combination

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